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Required Memberships

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    USA Volleyball (16-18 ADIDAS TEAMS)

    USAV Registration

    You will receive an email from the club requesting you to accept your team assignment with Dynamite Volleyball.

Player policies

Attendance at practices and tournaments is mandatory and expected. Volleyball is a team sport, and players need to practice together consistently in order for the team to improve and move forward. New and important material is covered at each and every practice.

Missing practice for any reason, including illness, homework, family vacations, or other sports may affect playing time. For this reason, it is important that you are sure you are able to fulfill this type of commitment prior to joining our club .

Plan accordingly and manage your time!

Players are expected to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of practice so that they are prepared and ready to go at the practice start time.

We understand that unexpected situations will arise and players may occasionally miss practice for school work, illness, or family matters. However, volleyball is a team sport and it's important that players practice together as much as possible. Missed practices may affect playing time at tournaments.

We at Dynamite Volleyball encourage and support a players desire to play for and represent their school in all sports. As previously stated however, volleyball is a team sport and attendance at practice is crucial. It's very difficult to manage a team with players who consistently miss practice due to other sports activities.

Except for National team players, If a player chooses to play another sport during the Club Volleyball season, and practices for both sports fall on the same day or days of the week, it is expected and required that the player alternate missing practices for each sport so that numbers of missed practices are equal between the two sports.

If a player misses multiple practices, playing time at tournaments may be affected.

National Adidas Teams: These players are expected to be 100% committed to Dynamite Volleyball. They are expected to be present at all practices and all tournaments. National Team players may not miss practices or tournaments for ANY REASON other than family emergencies , injury, or illness. National team players may not miss practice due to high school sports.

National Team parents, please schedule your vacations around the team tournament schedule which you will know at the beginning of the season. It is incredibly damaging to a team to practice all season together and then have a player or player(s) missing at National Tournaments.

Players are expected to practice in Dynamite Volleyball long or short sleeve practice shirts. No exceptions.

After practice, all teams/players are expected to ensure that the gym is free and clear of any debris, and that all garbage has been picked up and disposed of.

Except in the case of an emergency, or with the coaches permission, NO CELL PHONE USE AT PRACTICE.

Playing time is not guaranteed. That being said, all coaches will work to ensure everyone receives earned playing time. Players must understand that every practice is a tryout for the next tournament, and that hard work, dedication, and a good attitude at practice will generally be rewarded with play time during pool play at tournaments.

During tournament bracket play/playoffs, the coach will play those who he/she feels gives the team the best opportunity to win.

A cuurent AAU membership is required to play for Dynamite Volleyball. Use the link on the "Required Memberships" tab to get a new AAU membership or renew an existing membership.

16, 17, and 18 Adidas team players will be required to purchase a Full Season USA VB Membership. This membership is required for participation at the Nike Mid East Qualifier (MEQ) in Indianapolis. Use the link on the "Required Memberships" tab to get a new USA VB membership.

During the course of the season, disagreements and/or concerns may arise between player, parents, and Dynamite staff.

Please exercise the 24 hour rule. Issues regarding playing time, position, etc. must not be addressed on the day of a game/tournament. Parents are expected to wait 24 hours after any incident to speak to the coach about the issue.