dynamite volleyball

About Us

our mission

Dynamite Volleyball is committed to delivering the best coaching possible while teaching players to respect each other and work as a team. We emphasize encouragement over criticism, and we strive to teach our players lessons that will help them become strong and confident not only on the court, but in their daily lives as well.

Dynamite Volleyball and its coaches will never tolerate bullying, drama, or anything else that would take away from a fun, positive and fulfilling volleyball experience.

our history

Dynamite Volleyball was formed in 2014 by founder Alan Patterson and his daughter Ashley In South Lyon Michigan. Originally named South Lyon Dynamite, the club was created out of a love of the sport as a local option for South Lyon area residents. As interest, and the club began to grow however, Dynamite Volleyball has become a very competitive club offering Local, State, and Nationals level teams, and is extremely active in helping players with their recruitment efforts.

CZ 16-1
2022 13 Adidas Can Am Champions 4
13-1 celebration
  • TEAMWORK: Teaching players to work together to achieve a common goal

  • PLAYER DEVELOPMENT: Working with players to help them play and compete at their highest level

  • RESPECT: Teaching players to respect themselves, their teammates, opponents, officials and the game they love to play

  • POSITIVITY: Helping players understand that challenges and setbacks can be opportunities for growth and learning